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A Musical Celebration

Helen Shapiro: Walking Back to Happiness       Amy Winehouse: Back to Black

Similar origins. Different destinies. A Greek Tragedy in Song.

Like Mamma Mia! with Low Risk

A Low Risk, Low Budget, Musical. Ripe for the taking, and making.

The Belles of London can scale from a One Woman Show in small intimate venues, to a full blown West End or Broadway production.

The South Coasts of England, Spain, or Portugual would be ideal to launch The Belles of London Musical Show. They have healthy populations of English Retirees, and Young Holidaymakers.

Like Mamma Mia! with High Return

Like Mamma Mia! but with a large, multi-generation, audience.

The Belles of London bridges the generation gap.
It offers insights to the younger generation.

Seeking Collaborators

At 16 - Bigger than the Beatles!

Helen Shapiro, Beatles    The Beatles were a supporting act for 16 year old Helen

Are you interested in participating in this venture?
Or do you know of someone who may be interested?

I have more info resulting from my extensive research, and my correspondence with Helen Shapiro.

Photo Credits

Amy Winehouse: Rama via Wikimedia Commons
Helen Shapiro: Harry Pot via Nationaal Archief

Updated 11 April 2019

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